Chemistry or Magic

Magic Tricks

Tricks and Pranks  - Here are some links to some interesting magic tricks and the science that explains them.

Dynamic Science  - This page has a number of activities that are hot linked on the page  - This has a number of links to specific tricks

Chemistry Magic - Similar to the one above


Explosions and dynamite

History of gunpowder and explosives - This site provides background to the first explosives used - This gives information about the first chemicals used in explosives

Nitroglycerine - This site provides background to the early use of nitroglycerine by Alfred Nobel

Dynamite - This explains how dynamite works



History of fireworks - This site gives background to the earliest fireworks

Types of firecrackers - This site examines different types of firecrackers and how they work


Barbecue Fuels

LPG storage and safety - This site gives information about how LPG gas works as well as storage and safety

WLPGA : LPG - Overview

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