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Design Process

NSW Department of Education- teaching and assessing  Here is a list of the questions you want to ask yourself during the design process, they are divided up into: Exploring and defining the task, Generating and developing ideas, Producing solutions, Reflecting on learning after the design process

Powerhouse Museum- Australian designers at work   Choose on a designer and click on The Design Process from the list on the left. This will give you a clear explanation of the design process - Concept Design, Detailed design, Construction, Constraints and challenges. You can also go to Introduction and watch the video.

Object- videos of Australian Designers Here is a gallery of video interviews by Australian designers, they talk about the design process, inspirations and the influence of sustainability.

Properties of wood products

Furniture Making: a beautiful wood  This document explains different types of wood joints and their uses. It also covers nails.

Wood Solutions   This is a great site that concisely explain different practices and properties. Use the links in the page to search Hardwood Species, Softwood Species, Wood Product Categories, It also allows you to compare the properties of up to 5 speicies and covers Special information about the timber available in Australia.

Online Design Teacher: Furniture Materials and Wood Types This site covers different types of woods and includes glass, metal and plastic as furniture construction materials.

Diffen: Hardwood Versus Softwood  This site looks at the difference between hard and soft woods through an easy to understand table comparing many different aspects, including: properties, growth rates, uses, costs etc.

GSCE Bitesize: Design and Technology   Wood and timber products include: hardwoods, softwoods and manufactured or composite boards such as MDF or GRP. Some useful definitions and vocabulary to discuss the properties of materials can be found here.

GSCE Bitesize: Timber A brief but useful overview of the properties of different wood types

Intad: materials technology  A short clear article about different types of woods


Woodwork basics Use the links on the left to find out about tools


Rockler  is a store but gives a good explanation of each piece of hardware


Joint types and techniques

Fundamentals of Woodworking: wood joints techniques and types This is a super site that gives you a one sentence explanation of each joint, click on the link and get a list of types of that joint and a step by step photographic instructions for how to make that joint .

Start Woodworking: 8 wood working joints  This site explains using diagrams and photographs the following 8 techniques- The Butt Joint, A Butt Joint Variation, Biscuit Joinery, Lap Joints, Finger or Box Joints, Dovetail Joinery, Mortise and Tenon, Frame-and-Panel:

Online Design Teacher: Joinery This gives a clear overview with diagrams of Butt Joint, Box Joint, Dovetail Joint, Mortise & Tenon Joint, Dowel Joint, Half-Lap Joint, Frame & Panel Joint, Mitre Joint, Rebate and Dado Joints.

Woodwork basics Use the links on the left to find out about different joint types

NHS Joints and their uses This PDF document explains different types of wood joints and their uses. It also covers nails.





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