World War II Research Essay

Select an experience of Australians during World War II from your assignment list.

Good General Sites

Australia's War : 1939-1945   Site has links to most areas of the assignment.

History Learning Site  Choose from the many areas listed on the page.

Australia's role in WW2

AWM : Overview with links

RSL : Overview of Australian Military Forces involvement in the war

ASO : Prime Minister Menzies  Declaration of War speech and links

Australian war heroes

AWM : PDF of book "Audacity : stories of heroic Australians in wartime". Covers various wars including WWII

Wikipedia : List of those awarded the Victoria Cross, awarded for gallantry in war.

Herald Sun : Article on Peter Cosgrove and other military figures.

Prisoners of War (POWS)

Behind the Wire Australian Prisoners of War 1940-1945 This is a  site created by the Australian Government site telling the stories of POWs. Look at the photo galleries and maps on the left.

History Learning Site- Prisoners of War This site offers some good explanations for the brutal treatment of POWs by the Japanese

Beheaded at whim and worked to death: Japan's repugnant treatment of Allied PoWs This is a brutal yet thorough article published in the Daily Mail using extracts from a book called NEMESIS: THE BATTLE FOR JAPAN

ABC News- Digger recounts brutal life in WWII prison camp Former POW Eddie Gilberts explains what conditions were like in the camps and how he survived.

The Battle for the Kokoda Trail

DVA: The Kokoda Track: Exploring the site of the battle fought by Australians in World War 2  This site created for high school students by the Department of Veterans Affairs provides information about the History of the Battle for the Kokoda Trail, with links to first hand accounts & timelines of the Battle.

Australia's War: Kokoda Gives a brief account of the background to the battle and details of the battle itself.  Highlights the role played by the Papuan people and provides links to a photo gallery.

Battle for Australia : Overview with diagrams and pictures.

Army : Article on the recapturing of Kokoda with links.

The Fall of Singapore

History Learning Site: the fall of Singapore A more detailed account. Provides some primary source material to give insight into how the Japanese and Allied forces viewed the war and treatment of prisoners.

Australian Geographic: on the day the Fall of Singapore This site gives an overview of the significance of the fall of Singapore to Australia’s political future.

History Learning Site : Overview with links

The Bombing of Darwin

Australian Government: The Japanese bombing of Darwin, Broome and northern Australia  A great site by the Australian Government documenting the events with photos and links to other good sites.

Australia's War 1939-1945: Air Raids Provides a concise account of the of air raids on Australia.

RSL : A survivor's story with photographs and links.

The Attack on Sydney Harbour

Australia's War 1939-1945: Sydney Harbour  Detailed account of the attacks on Sydney Harbour, includes video clips.

Dictionary of Sydney  This site provides a concise account of the of air raids on Australia and the submarine attack on Sydney Harbour

Navy : Article with photographs and maps.

AWM : Article with photographs and links.

The Home Front

State Library of Victoria : Home WWII   Excellent site with plenty of primary sources and easy to access links on the following sub topics: conscription, roles of women, preparing for invasion, food shortages, rationing,  American servicemen in Australia and internment of refugees and aliens.

The Homefront : Conscription -  Curtin's dilemma  A useful overview of the issues facing the home front. Use this as a starting point only, as it lacks the details required for your task.  That said, there are useful images and it presents the issue of conscription in an interesting light

Australia's War - Homefront  When using this DVA site, ensure that you use the tabs directly above the text to enable you to get the specific information you require. This link is the synopsis (summary) of this section of the site. Sections to look at include: Emergency, Wool to Wirraway,  Living with war, Aliens and A town at war

Victorians at War - Homefront  An essay based on an oral history project looking at Victorians in war.

Australian Bureau of Statistics - Year Book 1944-45  This site outlines the items that were rationed by the government and the reasons for the rationing

The changing roles of women

Australia's War 1939 - 1945 : All in - 'leaving home'  A useful list of links.

State Library of Victoria : Home WWII  Roles of women in the war overview.

The role of Aboriginal soldiers in the war

AIATS  -  Information on Aboriginal people and Torres Strait Islanders war service.

Australia's War 1939-1945 : All in - Indigenous service Overview includes video clips and documents.

DVA : Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders :  Stories of indigenous service men and women.


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