World War I Research Assignment

General information

Australian War Memorial  - The go to site for Australia’s experience with WWI

History of War : the First World War - The basic story of the war with links to specific battles. Maps and photos included.

BBC History : World War One - Great British website with detailed history of the war along with a human perspective.

World War One Encyclopedia - Basic American encyclopedia of everything about the war. - Hard core privately made online encyclopedia. Scroll down a bit to where it says “Good Starting Points” to start your research.
Imperial War Museum : Galleries - Great British website with extensive information.
National Archives UK : First World War - British database with extensive information.

Trench warfare, weapons and battles  - Overview of life in the trenches, weapons and battles plus links.

History  -  Video clip of life in the trenches

Nurses on the Frontline

Anzac Day : Nurses   - Overview of nurses in WWI : women  - Overview of nurses on the Frontline

German Internees

Migrationheritage : German internees  - Overview of Germans internees with links

ABC : German internment - Overview with photos and links

Recruitment and Conscription

Skwirk : Conscription debate - Basic overview

Anzacday : Conscription - Overview with  links

Prisoners of War

IWM : Prisoners of War - Overview with links

Prisoners of War : 1914-1918 - Basic information with links

Spies and Espionage : Female spies - Overview with links

Nationalarchives : Espionage - Overview with links

War Heroes

Australian War Heroes : WWI  - Overview with links

Spartacus Educational : First World War Heroes - Overview with links

Russia and the War

History Learning Site : Russia and WWI - Good information with links

BBC : War and Revolution in Russia - Good information and links

Women and the Australian Home Front

John Curtin University : Home Front - Includes conscription, rationing and the role of women

Anzacday : women's role and place - Overview

End of the War - Versailles Treaty

History on the Net : Treaty of Versailles - Overview with pictures and links.

BBC History : ending of WWI  - Overview including Russia's exit and other links


AWM : Commemoration  - Overview with links to Anzac Day and Remembrance Day.

History on the Net : WWI Remembrance Day  - Overview with links to Armistice Day, includes Flanders Field poem.



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