Black Death the Black Death   - a great, well written and segmented site with heaps of videos and photos, very clear.

Eyewitness to History: The  Black Death, 1348  - covers the The Signs of Impending Death, Varying Reactions to Disaster, The Breakdown of Social Order and  Mass Burials.

The Science Museum: The Black Death -  this is a fun interactive site where you choose right or wrong answers to questions about the Black Death

National Geographic: Plague   - a short page with lots of facts  about the Black Death

PBS Secrets of the Dead: Mystery of the Black Death  - this is a very informative site including a description of the Black Death and has stories of the Plague

PBS Secrets of the Dead: Clues and Evidence  - a medical view about the Black  Death

Museum of London The Great Plague of 1665  - gives a pocket sized overview of the the plague outbreak, includes primary sources








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