Teen Health Issues

Teen Health

Teen Health : Women's and children's health network

WHO Adolescent Health risks

Health Direct : Teenager's health

Help Guide : Teen Issues


Road Safety Statistics

TAC Road Safety  Statistics on road trauma and deaths.

TAC young driver statistics  Young driver education programs.

Young Driver Fact Base  Statistics and information on issues for young driver.s

Progressive - teen driving  Information inluding mobile phone safety, road rage and more.

AIFS Publications  Facts on driving behaviour, risky driving,substanc abuse etc

 Body Image

 Teens Health  Information on body image and self esteem, including links.

Healthy and unhealthy body image  Information on healthy and unhealthy body image perception.

Kidzworld - dying to be thin  Basic information on anorexia nervosa, including links.

Centre of young women's health eating disorders  General information on eating disorders and body image.

youth.gov.au - Body Image - Overview with links

Kids Health - Information on self-esteem, media images and links to more

Reach Out - Overview, includes body image and links

gdhr.wa.gov.au - Body Image - Overview with links to body image, eating disorders and more



Youth Beyond Blue - Bullying   Look at the PDF facts sheet on this page too.

Bullying Blocking   This site shows the types of bullying, including school and workplace bullying.

CBC News  Teens share bullying tales in video booth.

Stop Bullying  Information includes preventing and responding to bullying.

Bullying : no way  -  2014 National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence -  Links to various forms of bullying

Reach out : Bullying  -  overview with links for bullying and cyberbullying

Bullying statistics  -  links and information on all forms of bullying

Teenage Depression and anxiety

Beyond Blue fact sheets   Detailed information including signs, symptoms and support.

Headspace - depression  General information including treatment.

Teen Health - Anxiety disorders  Information and links on anxiety.

Sane : Aust.  -  Information on mental health, including depression and anxiety.

Skin Cancer

Health direct : skin cancer  -  overview including statistics and links

Cancer Council : skin cancer  -  overview with links

Alcohol and binge drinking

Drinkwise - Teen attitudes to alcohol intoxication   Information on all types of drinking behaviour.

Reach out -all about alcohol addiction  Information and links on alcohol addicton.

Teens health - binge drinking  Basic information and links to similar topics.

Better Health Channel - alcohol and teenagers  Information on alcohol and teenagers.

Binge drinking death  Article on a teenage binge drinking death.


Quit  - Overview on smoking with links

Better Health : Smoking  -  information on the effects of smoking

Teens health : Smoking  -  information and links on smoking as an addiction, health effects and how to quit.