General Info

The RSC Library opening hours

Monday         8:48am - 4:00pm (closed recess)
Tuesday         8:20am - 4:00pm (closed recess)
Wednesday  8:48am - 4:00pm (closed recess)
Thursday      8:20am - 4:00pm (closed recess)
Friday            8:30am - 3:20pm (closed recess)

How to replace a lost library book

If you have lost a library book and you are pretty sure that you will never find it again, then follow the steps below to replace it.

1. Find out from the Library Staff what the cost of the book is.
2. Bring the amount to the library staff who can give you change if required and who will write out a receipt.
3. Hold onto the receipt- if one day you find the book and return and you have the receipt the library can refund you the amount you paid to replace it.

How to replace a lost Compass card

Students receive a new Compass card each year in March. Students may still use their existing Compass card until they receive their new card.

Cost $10.00
If you have lost your Compass card you and are pretty sure that you will never find it again,  then complete one of the following steps below to replace it.

1. Go to Compass and order a new card online.  You are required to pay $10 using a credit card. Your new Compass card will be mailed to you in a few days.

2. Go to the Library front desk with $10 cash, and we will arrange a replacement card.


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