Major Rainforests - Importance and Threats

Rainforest Concern  This site outlines the importance of rainforests, threats to them and action being undertaken.

Rainforests of the world  Overview with maps and links

Rainforest Wildlife and Endangered Species

Endangered rainforest animals  Overview with links

Most endangered species in Amazon rainforest  Overview with pictures

Protecting Rainforest Resources

National Geographic Rainforest Threats   This site focuses on the threats and cause of damage to rainforests.

Problems in the Amazon   This focuses on deforestation in the Amazon.

Ecologically Sustainable Rainforest Development

Sustainable Development in the Rainforest   A good site that explores all of the different types of resources that come from the rainforest.

Mongabay : Sustainable agricultural development  Overview with links

How People in the Rainforest are Affected

People of the Rainforest  Brief overview

Learning about rainforests - Brief overview







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