Psychology Unit 1 – Outcome 3

Some useful websites:-

American Psychological Association  -  Various articles, publications and links.

Science Daily  -  Mind and brain news.

Psychology Today  -  Issue archive covering various topics.

Simply Psychology  -  Articles on various areas of psychology including research methods.

Live Science  -  Articles on various areas including health, psychology and brain.

Student Science  -  Articles on brain and body.

Neuroscience News  - Featured research articles.

Brain function – hemispheres

Neuroscience for kids  -  Information on the brain. Diagrams and links.

Dartmouth Medical School  - Information on disorders of the nervous system and brain function.

Sections of the brain

Indiana University  -  Information and diagram of cerebral hemisphere.

Differences between male and female brain

The Guardian  -  Article on female and male brain .

The Conversation  -  Information on neuroplasticity and male and female brain differences.

The Conversation  -  Information on studies of brain wiring and male and female .

The Conversation  -  Information and diagrams of a study into sex differences in the brain.

NCBI  -- Article on the genetics of sex differences in brain and behaviour.

PNAS  -  Article on sexual orientation and its basis in brain structure and formation.

Brain structures related to personality or mental illnesses

APS  -  Article on brain structure corresponding with personality.

APA  -  Article on mental illness and the biology of the brain.

PLOS  -  Information on Internet exposure and addiction.

Topic 2 - The brain and use of technology

The Conversation -  Information on evidence for brain training programs and how to choose one.

The Atlantic  - Article on seven psychologists who reviewed programs.

University of Michigan - Article in  Association of Psychological Science.

Internet Society  - Article on impact of artificial intelligence.

Keep Your Eyes On The Road  -  Information on mobile phone use and accidents.

NCBI  -  Article on a parametric duration model of the reaction times of drivers.

VicRoads  -  Information on the risks of using a mobile phone while driving.

UKnowledge  - Information on the influence of video games on adolescent brain activity.

Topic 3 - Cognition

MIT  -  Article on brain and cognitive sciences

Frontier  -  Article on neurobiology of emotions - cognitive interactions

Elsevier  -  Articles on brain and language

Topic 4 - Psychological development

Psychology Today  -  Child development

Simply Psychology  -  Article on Jean Piaget

Topic 5 - Mental health and disorders

Brain and Behavior Research Foundation  -  Information and research articles on various disorders.

NCBI  -  Article on classification systems in psychiatry

RCPsych  -  Article on the classification of mental disorders.