Radioactivity and Nuclear Physics – Detailed Study

“Not in my backyard!”

Virtual Nuclear Tourist

This site examines the background to the Windscale disaster in England (1957), its causes and environmental impact.

 BBC News

This news report revisits the disaster on its fiftieth anniversary. Through interviews with prominent scientists at the time, it provides background information to the disaster. Included  are diagrams and investigation transcripts.


This site provides a summary of events which led to the Three Mile Island disaster in America. It also explores the impact and health effects of the disaster.

World Nuclear Association- Three Mile Island

This site details the background events leading to the Three Mile Island disaster. It discusses impact on health and clean up measures. It is a pro nuclear energy site.

World Nuclear Association -Fukushima

This site details the impact of the tsunami on the Fukushima power plant in Japan in 2011. It examines the scientific response, challenges of the clean up and the impact of the disaster on society and the environment. It is a pro nuclear energy site.

World Nuclear Association- Chernobyl

This site discusses the events of the Cernobyl disaster.  It is a pro nuclear energy site.

Reuters - Chernobyl

This news report details key facts relating to the Chernobyl disaster. It includes ongoing clean up measures, mortality rates and long term impacts.

Green Facts - Chernobyl

This site examines the extent of the Chernobyl disaster, including health and environmental impacts.

National Radiological Preparedness Conference

 Look for Session Seven slide the human impact of Fukushima-Tatiewa at the bottom of the page for a Powerpoint on What it was like to a be a disaster worker at the plant, including photos.

The Recovery Process of Fukushima

Some very detailed diagrams and statisitics as well as photos .

TEPCO Press Release for Fukushima

This is the Tokyo Electric Power Company Press Release explaining the disaster from their point of view

Medical Physics-Detailed study

 How stuff works MRI

How stuff works breaks down how and MRI Scanner works, don't just look at the first page,  use the numbers down the bottom.

Medical News today PET scans

NDT Resource Centre X-radiation

Virtual Medical Centre Radiotherapy

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