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How to use ECHO Online

What is it?

ECHO is an online index to newspapers such as Herald Sun, the Age and The Australian newspapers. You can search for topics using simple keywords. You can search from either school or home. An index is like a library catalogue- the newspaper articles are not online; this index shows the information such as the date and the newspapers' name. You can print out a list of articles about your chosen issue and then go and find the articles in the Vertical File or newspaper stacks in the school library.

Accessing ECHO Online

Click here Echo Online

Click on the members login on the right hand side.

Get the username and password from library staff or see this document "VCE English Echo" on the RSC intranet/student services/library

There are two options for searching in ECHO: Issue Outlines and Newspaper Indexes.

Issue Outlines

This is a set of prepared information packages on different issues. Much of the research is done for you, so these are very useful. The package includes articles and some AV clips which provide:

  • an introduction to the media issue
  • background information
  • arguments in favour
  • arguments against
  • further implications
  • weblinks and documents.

Newspaper Articles

Newspaper index’ can be searched just the same as the library catalogue and it searches the headline title of the article. Therefore when you have selected a topic for research, this is a good starting point.

1. Choose the year or choose the VCE Special File. (VCE Special file chooses articles only from the previous September onward)

2. Use simple keywords in the search box.

3. A list of newspaper articles grouped by subject will appear.

4. Print off or write down the articles you want to read and ask a teacher-librarian to get these newspapers out or go to the Vertical File.

News Media Links

This provides a set of links to media providers across Australia.



Apart from Echo Online (see below) there are a number of useful places to find topics for your issues work:

Google News

 ABC news

 Insight SBS

Education Age Online

The Drum

 The Punch

 The Conversation


Vertical file or Current Social Issues and Current Environmental Issues in the research area of the library

Read a newspaper! 

The  library holds one copy of The Herald-Sun, Age and Australian newspapers for a calendar year.



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