PE : Health consequences of inactivity


Monash University - Overview with links.

Harvard: Obesity prevention source- physical activity  - Information on how exercise can help weight control.

AIHW : overweight and obesity - Overview with statistics, with links including to cholesterol and  blood pressure.

Obesity Australia : overview-  Media releases and lists useful websites.

Cardiovascular Disease

Heart Foundation : facts and links - Extensive information in all areas.

AIHW : facts and links - Information and links to all areas.

Health Department : Cardiovascular disease - Overview with links.

American Heart Foundation : Cardiovascular disease - Overview with links and video clip.


AIHW : high blood pressure - Overview with statistics and links.

Heart Foundation : facts and links - Overview with links including lifestyle and activity.

Mayo Clinic : overview and links - - Overview with links.

BUPA : high blood pressure - Overview with links including symptoms and causes.

Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute : fact sheets - Resources and fact sheets including diabetes and blood pressure.

High Cholesterol

Better Health Channel: Cholesterol explained - Overview with links.

Stroke Foundation : facts and links - Overview with links, includes information on strokes.

AIHW : facts and links - Overview with links and statistics.

Dietitians Association of Australia : Cholesterol - Overview with links and nutritional information.

Type II Diabetes

Diabetes Australia : Type 2 - Overview with links.

Better Health : Diabetes overview - Overview with links.

AIHW : Diabetes - Overview with links and statistics.

Osteoporosis and Arthritis

Osteoporosis Australia: About Osteoporosis - Overview with links including fact sheets.

NIH Osteoporosis and Related Bone Diseases National Resource Center - Overview with links including risk factors.

Better Health Channel: Osteoporosis and exercise - Overview with links including importance of exercise.

Arthritis Victoria - Overview with links including various types of arthritis.



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