Music Bands

Rolling Stone Magazine -Artist Biographies Go to the bottom of the page and Search the Artist Directory for the artist you want. This will also contain links to useful or official artist sites.

The Famous People This is the musicians section of The Famous People site, it covers the basic Statistics, Childhood and early life, Career, Major Works, Awards and Achievements, Personal Life and Legacy, Trivia, Pictures and Video of each famous person. This is a huge celebrity biography site, search for your artist. Each biography also shows you how to cite it for your bibliography at the bottom of the article.

Musician Guide- Musician Biographies. You can search for the artist you want or you can search in the areas divided by Featured Musician, Individual musicians and Band Group Biographies, this looks a little confusing, however, it is just sorting the musicians alphabetically, try one and see.

Aussie Bands - this is a quick way to find good sites on Australian bands

MTV  Artists- contains videos of band interviews and discographies. You can seach or go to the Explore an Artist tab and search by Popular, Ememrging and Genre groupings. Please note there is no text, just videos on this site.


Take this link to our bibliographies page to find out how to write hyour bibliographies -Bibliographies




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