Medieval History


History for kids : The Middle Ages - Information on the Middle Ages for various countries

Lords and Ladies : Kings of the Middle Ages  - Information on various Kings and links

The Finer Times : Medieval Kings - Information on Kings, Black Death, Bayeaux Tapestry

History Learning Site : A day in the life of a Nun - Also has information on William the Conqueror, Battle of Hastings, and Domesday Book


Lords and Ladies : Manorialism - Information on Manorialism and Feudalism, including Rights of the Lord of the Manor

 Code of Chivalry

Ancient Fortress : Medieval Code of Chivalry - Information on the Codes, Oaths and Rules of Chivalry

 Medieval Food

Cook it : Norman and Medieval food – This is a brilliant site with photos of Medieval Foods and short explanations of which groups in society ate these foods.

Knights - Overview with links

Lords and Ladies : Daily life of a Knight  - Overview of how a Knight would spend his day


History on the net : Medieval life - Feudalism - Overview

Lords and ladies : Feudalism - Good overview with links

Medieval Punishment

History on the net : crime and punishment - Overview

Medieval Food, Fun & Festivals

Lords and ladies : entertainment in the Middle Ages - Overview with links to food and jousting

Medieval Upperclass Lad

Medieval life and times : Medieval lady - Overview

Medieval Fashion

Medieval spell : Medieval fashion : overview with links to other areas of Medieval life

 Medieval Castle Warfare

Medievality : Medieval castles - Castles of various countries and other links

Medieval warfare - overview includes weapons, armour, Knights and more

 Yr 8 Medieval Fashion

Lords and ladies : Medieval fashion - overview with links

Medieval life and times : Medieval clothing - overview of clothing and links to other areas of Medieval life



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