Polynesian Culture

General information:

Factmonster - Countries of the World - Including Polynesian countries.

Encyclopedia.com - Use the search box to find your particular Polynesian country.

Encyclopaedia Britannica - Use this link to find other countries also.

Maori culture:

Maori.org.NZ -  Maori customs and traditions.

Toi - Maori Arts  - Travel site with information on traditional arts.

New Zealand history - Includes articles on history and culture of the Maori people. Settlement and colonisation. Geography - volcanoes.

Culture of the Maori  - Kid's Encyclopedia site on the Culture of the Maori.

Life in a Maori village - Ceremonies, meeting houses, food and cooking.

Te Ara - Encyclopedia of New Zealand - History, culture, settlement, environment, society and peoples. Also conservation and natural resources.

Hawaiian culture:

Hawaii History  - Explore many different parts of Hawaiian culture including food and religion. Geological origins. Plants and animals. Discovery and exploration timeline.

All about Hawaii Culture -  Travel site with information on Hawaiian culture, history, government and geography.

Samoan culture:

About Samoa- History of Samoa.

Samoa Travel - Prehistory, Colonial period and Independence.

Fijiian culture:

Countries and their cultures  - Detailed history and culture of Fiji.

Mamanuca Environment Society - Information of natural resources and links to endangered animals, plants and wildlife.

Pacific Islands culture:

Websites by country - Covers all aspects including history, religion, recreation and the arts. Includes information on settlement, land use, tourism and trade and politics.





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