History – Australian Rights and Freedoms

Useful general sites for all the topics

National Museum of Australia : Indigenous Rights - this is a large site from the national museum of Australia which has many primary sources and the capacity to search within the site. References to all the key people and events listed below.

Key people


Faith Bandler

National Museum of Australia : Faith Bandler   copy rich very dense material but accurate and detailed

Australian Biography- a detailed site with an interview, plenty of AV and primary source

Monument Australia - the details around the monument that commemorates Bandler’s work at Sydney’s Circular Quay.

Sydney Morning Herald  brief article by Tony Stephens


Pastor Sir Doug Nicholls

Australian Dictionary of Biography   Detailed biographical article from the Australian Dictionary of Biography, includes a life summary

Civics Resources- good overview

Awaye - listen to this audio programme about the legacy of Doug Nicholls.

Koorie Web - detailed information with a number of photographs

Michael Winkler– a detailed biography written from the AFL

Message Stick - an interview with Nicholls children about continuing their parents’ work.

Marngrook - black and white footage of interviews with Nicholls about his work in North Fitzroy as a minister.


Charles Perkins

see also information on the Freedom Rides below

Obituaries Australia   Obituary from Australian National University giving detailed biographical information, including a life summary

Australian biography - a detailed biography including interviews, a transcript of the interview and primary sources.

Perkins Trust - overview with photos

Stolen Generations – Perkins discusses the impact of being a “stolen” child

You Tube Aurora Perkins – you tube overview about Perkin's life


Koiki Mabo

Racism. No Way   detailed fact sheet including biographical information, from the NSW Govt. "Racism, no way!' Project

Sydney Morning Herald  great overview

NI TV   use the search option to find stories on Mabo

ABC/    includes a trailer of the film about his life and the some of the tabs above the film are useful: timeline, quiz and biography

William Cooper

Look at the links for the Day of Mourning in 1938 as well

Australian Dictionary of Biography  detailed biographical article from the Australian Dictionary of Biography, includes a life summary

PM with Mark Colvin - radio report on the impact of Cooper’s support for Jews during the holocaust

Indigenous Rights   brief overview, includes links to other people


Patrick Dodson

Australian of the Year basic overview with photos

Universal Rights   overview with links, including Mabo

John Curtin University  overview of his life when he received the John Curtin medal

Australian National University  video of a 30 minute lecture given by Dodson about what it will take for Australia to be reconciled with its black past

ABC - Big Ideas  speech by Dodson about the role of peaceful protest throughout history in not only Australia but overseas

University of Melbourne  description of Dodson’s achievements when he received an honorary doctorate from Melbourne University

Tom Calma

Australian of the Year   general overview with photos

Australian Indigenous Leadership Centre   general overview

Australian National University   general overview with links


Vincent Lingiari

see also the information on the Wave Hill Walk off

Indigenous Rights    general overview

Treaty Republic  overview with information on Wave Hill walk off and Gurindji Freedom Day

You Tube – Paul Kelly and Kev Carmody’s song “From Little Things” which is about Vincent Lingiari

ABC - has a number of photographs and overview

ANU  biographical details including links


Key events

Freedom Rides

Many of these sites will discuss the role of Charles Perkins who was influential in this protest.-

Indigenous Rights   an effective overview with some primary sources

ABC   includes a clip of an interview with a young Charles Perkins

KooriWeb  plenty of photographs available here with some audio too

Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders Studies  use the many tabs on the left hand side for extra information

Wave Hill Walk off

See also the information on Vincent Lingiari

National Archives of Australia   fact sheet providing other links

Indigenous Rights   overview of walk off

Creative Spirits   article also includes other links

1938 Day of Mourning

A number of these sites will also mention William Cooper who was instrumental in the organisation of this protest

Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders Institute   various articles and information

National Museum of Australia   article with photographs and links

Australia Day    overview with photographs


1972 Tent Embassy

Indigenous Rights  overview with other links included

Kooriweb  overview with links to further information

SBS  overview with general information

ABC  overview with film clips


Stolen Generation

National Sorry Day Committee  overview providing comprehensive links

Stolen Generations Testimonies  overview providing testimonies

Australian Government  overview with links to other information including Sorry Day and assimilation practices

Creative Spirits   Overview with links to further information

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MDvome0bCXs - Kevin Rudd's apology


The Apology

See above for the links on the Stolen Generation as well

Department of Social Services  extensive overview including links to the actual speech

National Sorry Day Committee  good overview with links

Australian Government  extensive overview with links and movie clips, includes transcripts.


Mabo Decision

Australia Government : Indigenous Government  brief biographical information including Mabo Decision

 Australian Bureau of Statistics  information on Mabo Case and Native Title Act

Museum of Australian Democracy  Mabo v Queensland document

Screen Australia  a large site with many tabs at the top

QUT  straightforward overview of the reconciliation statement

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