Asian and Mediterranean worlds

The role of one significant individual in the Mediterranean world and the Asian world.

Choose from:

one of: Leonidas or Pericles, Hatshepsut or Rameses II, Julius Caesar or Augustus

and one of: Chandragupta Maurya or Ashoka, Confucius or Qin Shi Huang

General site

World Book Online


Ancient History Encyclopedia- Leonidas provides biographical information about Leonidas, his family and the battle of Thermopylae

History - Leonidas  information about Leonidas and the Spartans, including video clips Leonidas  Information on Leonides, the Battle of Thermopylae and the Persian wars.


Ancient History Encyclopedia- Pericles

People of Ancient Greece - Pericles  biographical information about Pericles and his role as a statesman in Athens Pericles synopsis of his early life and political career, includes examples of web page citation


Ancient History Encyclopedia- Hatshepsut

The woman who was king  Biographical information including a video clip Hatshepsut  Overview and quick facts

 Rameses II

PBS: Rameses II  Basic information with links including videos

Tour Egypt: Rameses II   Overview with links

BBC: Rameses II  Facts with links

Ancient History Encyclopedia-  Rameses II  Information and links on early life, campaigns and battles and legacy.

Julius Caesar

PBS; Julius Caesar  Brief overview with links Julius Caesar  Link to printable page of brief facts including death

Ancient History Encyclopedia- Julius Caesar  Biographical information on early life, conquests, death and aftermath. - Julius Caesar  Biographic information and quick facts.

Augustus Augustus  Brief overview with video clips and links

Ancient History Encyclopedia- Augustus  Timeline, links and brief information.

BBC: Augustus  Brief overview

History World: Augustus  Overview with links.

Chandragupta Maurya

Ancient History Encyclopedia  Information on liberation of India, government, abdication and death, includes timeline Chandragupta Maurya  Information on early life and conquest, includes timeline.

Encyclopedia Britannica Chandragupta Maurya  Overview with links. - Chandragupta Maurya  Brief overview.


Ancient History Encyclopedia- Ashoka  Overview with links and video clip.

Encyclopedia Britannica: Ashoka  Overview with links.

Famous People : Ashoka   Quick facts and information on reign, battles and achievements.

The edicts of King Ashoka  Information on the Edicts of King Ashoka and more.


Ancient History Encyclopedia- Confucius  Information on early life and works, includes links. -Confucius  Information on philosophy, teachings and ethics.

Encyclopedia Britannica: Confucius Brief overview.

The famous people: Confucius  Quick facts, early life, philosophy and ethics, includes pictures and quotes.

Qin Shi Huang

Ancient History Encyclopedia- Shi Huangti  Information of early life and Qin Empire, includes timeline, links and video clip.

BBC Qin Shi Huang: The ruthless emperor who burned books  Information on establishing the world's first truly centralised bureaucratic empire and unifying many systems including writing.

British Museum Qin Shihuangdi- The rise to power  Overview of the unification of China and the ruling of a Empire, including standardisation of coinage.

China Travel Guide Qin Shi Huang: the First Emperor of China  Information and links on the First Emperor of China, includes the Great Wall and Terracotta Warriors.

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