Health – Changing the world

Create a health promotion tool that will change the behaviours of individuals choosing from the topics listed below


Quit  - Overview on smoking with links

Better Health : Smoking  -  information on the effects of smoking

Teens health : Smoking  -  information and links on smoking as an addiction, health effects and how to quit.

BODY IMAGE - Body Image - Overview with links

Kids Health - Information on self-esteem, media images and links to more

Reach Out - Overview, includes body image and links - Body Image - Overview with links to body image, eating disorders and more


Health direct : skin cancer  -  overview including statistics and links

Cancer Council : skin cancer  -  overview with links


Bullying : no way  -  2014 National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence -  Links to various forms of bullying

Reach out : Bullying  -  overview with links for bullying and cyberbullying

Bullying statistics  -  links and information on all forms of bullying






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