Introduced Species

General Sites

Pearson Education case studies  - Go to this site and it will download a detailed document with information on all the topics

Uniting EarthWeb  - Overview with links and video clip

Australian Tales  - Overview of Australian animals including cane toads, camels and rabbits

Cane Toads

National Geographic  - Easy to understand introduction

Squidoo - Overview with links

 Australian Government Policy on Cane Toads - Overview and pdf of policy.

Prickly Pear

Northwest Weeds - Prickly Pear History  - This site clearly covers many of the points you need for your assignment.

Queensland Goverment - Prickly Pear  - A clear table explains the impacts of the Prickly Pear

Weeds Australia   - This site has a map of the current distribution of the Prickly Pear.


CSIRO - The European Rabbit - Overview with links.

NSW Government - Environment and Heritage - Overview with pdf fact sheet and links to other pests

ABC Science   - Overview with links and video clip


Queensland Government - Camels  - A clear table explains the impacts of the Camel

Queensland Government -Pest animal Risk Assessment -  This PDF contains a map of their distribution

DLRM Feral Camel - This site contains trapping strategies


DPI : Pest Animals - This site has information on a range of pest animals including foxes.

Dept. of Environment  - This site has downloads on the red fox and links to other pest animals.

Queensland Government - Fox  - A clear table explains the impacts of the Fox

DLRM : European Red Fox -  This site contains general information on the impact of Foxes

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