Composite Materials (Physical Sciences – Forces)

Composite materials are  made from two or more materials with significantly different physical chemical properties.

e.g. Wattle & daub, papier mache, mud bricks, mortars, concrete, cement, reinforced plastics such as fiber-reinforced polymer, Bakelite, fibreglass, plywood, carbon fibre, polyester.

Some websites you may find useful for your assignment are:-

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Royal Society of Engineers  -  Definition and examples.

Masterbuilder  -  Definition and information on uses and advantages of using composite materials.

Types of composite materials:-

Encyclopaedia Brittanica  - History of mud bricks

Nikkiso  -  Major applications and properties of CFRP, plus diagrams.

Altairenlighten  -  Information on sandwich structures.

UNSW - Information on particle reinforced composites, diagrams and links.