Here are some great sites for finding out information about Composers or Artists:
World Book Online  You can also use the link on the RSC Portal. Type in the name of your composer and listen to examples of their work.
Music Academy Online  Choose the timer period or choose Composer Quick Pick in the top right corner. Biographies are broken up into sections of young life, working time and around their death.
Dallas Symphony Orchestra  This site has short composer biographies and has examples of their music to listen to. It also lists their most famous compositions.
Sphinxkids  Clear biographies of composer divided by timeframes.
8notes composer biographies  Do not just look at the list on the page. You can look up your composer through the a to z tabs at the top of the screen. On the right of your composer page there are links to pictures. This site has an extensive biography and links to other sites on your This site contains quotes and you can listen to the composers' music and a list of works.

Making Music Fun  Bite size biographies on classical composers, put into chronological order instead of alphabetical order.

Last FM  This site enables you to listen to composers' music, and also provides biographical details.

Classics For Kids   A- Z of composers

Classical M  Lists of composers and links to music styles.

Artists direct  Artists from various types of music including pop, hip hop, indie and alternative rock.

MTV  Biographies and music of various popular music artists.

Popmonk  Biographies and profiles on musicians, pop stars and popular bans. : music education   Famous musicians, composers, vocalists, singers and songwriters

Digitaldreamdoor  Search for your musicians and popular artists.

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