Cold War

Unit 2 History - Cold War

This site contains copies  of documents from the time, just click on the pictures underneath the sections of text for things like telegrams to Truman and letters between Kennedy and Krushchev.

Cold War Museum

Use the timeline on the top to access a list of contents. There are concise explanations for each item on the list.

The National Archives- Cold War

This is made for students and includes short, clear explanations.

The Smithsonian - Cold War 

This site is created by the Smithsonian Institute in America and contains films and interactive features about the Cold War.

History Learning Site

This site looks a bit frumpy but is well written and neatly divided into different sections.

Funfront - the Cold War 1945-1960 

This site has some images and a well written explanation of the war.

This site gives you a neat overview of the Cold War, broken up into sections.  

BBC Cold War

This site covers the Korean War, Kennedy, Weapons of the Cold War and the Fall of the Soviet Union.

History Learning Site -The Cold War

This site provides an explanation of the Cold War and examines its causes.

The JFK Library

This site provides background to the Cold War.

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