Chemical Reactions


PBS: Nylon is Invented a clear history of how Nylon was invented.

The Human Touch of Chemistry: Wallace Carothers the father of Nylon includes a list of products made from Nylon and a short history of how Nylon was made

The Human touch of Chemistry: how are synthetic fibres made? are made contains the chemical equation of how Nylon is made

WiseGEEK: What is Nylon has a good explanation of the chemical process for making Nylon and pictures of Nylon products

The Fibre Source: Nylon Fibre has a chemical analysis of Nylon, a list of its uses


 PVC (Vinyl)

Plastipedia overview with links

PVC - an excellent site for information about the history, uses and manufacture of PVC

There are many issues with PVC and many companies now avoid its use. These 2 sites explain some of the concerns with PVC, its properties and alternative products Healthy Child Healthy World and Healthy Building Network

Plastics Industry Trade Association



Swicofil covers and the uses, the manufacturing process including a diagram, the history of the material.

New York Fashion Centre Polyester Fabric Information covers the history, inventors and uses of polyester.

Plastics make it possible: Professor plastic This site covers the inventor, the manufacture and the properties of polyester



How products are made: Teflon This site explains how Teflon is made, the manufacturing process and the raw materials involved.

The Human Touch of Chemistry: Wallace Carothers the father of Nylon This site explores the history of Teflon, the advantages and disadvantages of Teflon and the uses of Teflon.

Lenntech  This site explains the properties and applications of Teflon.



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