Chemical Disaster Webquest


Lenntech : environmental disasters - overview with links to Bhopal,  Love Canal, Chernobyl and more

The Minamata Bay disaster- Japan

UNM : the poisoning of Minamata - information and cause and effect on people, animal and marine life : Minamata disease  -  overview, includes recovery and law suits

Wikipedia : Minamata disease  -  overview with links and timeline

Bhopal - India

Corrosion doctors - Bhopal accident   -  overview with photographs

BBC onthis day : 1984 Bhopal  -  article with video clip

Greenpeace - Bhopal - summary of the legacy of toxic contaminants : Bhopal anniversary  -  The Boston Globe newspaper shows excellent photos explaining the disaster.

The cyanide spill in Romania

Relief web : Baia Mare Gold Mine : cyanide spill  -  Greenpeace report on the causes and effects

BBC News : one year on  -  Looks at the environmental and health impacts one year later

WWF : Panda - information on the effects after five years, includes photos

The Love Canal disaster - U.S.A.

U.S.E.P.A. : Love Canal  -  overview, includes history of site and clean up. Includes photos and links

Geneseo : Love Canal  -  overview with brief history and links

Damninteresting : tragedy of Love Canal  -  overview with background information and links
Toxipedia : Love Canal disaster  -  overview with links

Exxon Valdez

Time : a brief history of the Exxon Valdez disaster  -  photo gallery with captions


Guardian : Exxon Valdez  -  looks at lessons learnt from the spill and has links

EPA : Exxon Valdez oil spill  -  links to press release and reports


Green facts :  Chernobyl nuclear accident  -  this site breaks down different facts into sections. Includes photos and diagrams.
World Nuclear Association : Chernobyl accident  - a very detailed site that contains excellent diagrams.
U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission : Chernobyl  - background information on the nuclear disaster

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