Part 1 - Significant individuals from Ancient China: - Qin Shi Huang -  Sun Tzu -  Confucius

Qin Shi Huang

Ducksters  -  General overview with links on the First Emperor of China

Brittannica -  Brief facts on is his early years and life

British Museum - Overview of his early life

About Education - Information on many aspects of his reign including the Terracotta Army and the Great Wall of China

Sun Tzu

History : Sun Tzu - Article oh his military strategies and war tactics, also his writing on the art of war.

Famous People - Information on his life as a military general, strategist and philosopher


BIO  Information including photos on his ealy life, philosophy and teachings

Brittannica - Article on his early life and philosopies, with links.

Other significant individuals in Ancient China  -  Ten famous generals

Cultural China -  Information of Emperors, Military leaders etc.

Ducksters  -  Information on famous people, culture and dynasties

Part 2 - Historian's choice

Famous people -  Make sure you choose someone born before 1900 CE

Bio  -  Make sure you choose someone born before 1900 CE

All about explorers  - Choose an explorer born before 1900 CE

General information sites for everday life in Ancient China including dynasties, religion, geography, Great Wall of China and Terracotta Warriors.

China : Mrdonn  -  Links to many aspects of Ancient Chinese life including, religionm, dynasties, food and clothing

History : Ancient discoveries  -  Brief article inlcluding pictures of the Terracotta Warriors.

National Geographic  -  Article with pictures of the Terracotta Warriors.

Great Wall of China  -  General information and history, inluding links.

Chinahighlights  -  20 quick facts on the Great Wall.

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