General Scientists Websites    

Nobel Prize Website  Use the search box to find your scientists biography. Not all scientists will have won a Nobel prize.  Go back to the Portal and go to the World Book link

Biography of Scientists  Information on exceptional individuals in science and technology.

Super Scientists  A gallery of energy pioneers in the scientific world.

Scientific Biography   Over 100 entries in many branches of science, includes Nobel prize winners.

BIO. True Story  Choose the option "Explore people - Best known for - Scientists".

Famous Scientists  Biographies of famous scientists and physicists.

Science Superstars Information on many scientists.

Australian Scientists    Provides links to sites with information on Australian scientists.

Individual Scientists Websites listed alphabetically

Elizabeth Blackburn

Britannica encyclopaedia  Provides general information.

Elizabeth Blackburn Biochemistry : University of California  Provides general information

Rachel Carson

BBC : Faces of the week   General history and information on Rachel Carson's book "Silent spring" concerning pesticide use.  Brief overview.

Rachel Carson Council  Biographical information including links to pesticides, chemicals and alternative.

Henry Cavendish

Chemistry : Michigan Technology University  Brief overview

Science World  Information on his life with links to his works.

Famous Scientists  Information on Cavendish and many other scientists.

Crick and Watson

BBC : History  Information on the Nobel Prize winners and their discovery of the structure of DNA

Scitable  Information on DNA structure and Double Helix, includes diagrams and links.

Marie Curie

American Institute of Physics  Marie Curie's story in brief. BBC : History  General information on Marie Curie

Nobel Prize  Biographical information with references to Nobel Prize.

Bio : True Story  Video clip, general information and references. BBC : History  General information on Marie Curie

American Institute of Physics  General information, includes radium and X-Rays.

John Dalton

Clackamas Community College  Provides information on Dalton's Atomic Theory.

Chemistry Heritage : John Dalton  Provides general information and links.

Charles Darwin

BluePete : Charles Darwin  Biographical information on Darwin's life and works.

BBC : History  Provides brief overview of Charles Darwin.

BIO : True Story  Video clip, information on his early life, voyage of the HM Beagle and Theory of Evolution.

Aust. Dictionary of Biography  Brief overview.

Leonardo Da Vinci

BBC : History  Brief overview.

Leonardo Da Vinci  Brief overview of his scientific works in physics and anatomy.

Rene Descartes

PhilosophySlam  General information with links.

Peter C. Doherty

Britannica  General information with references to Nobel Prize and other links.

Alexander Fleming

BBC : History  Brief overview.  Information on penicillin.

Enrico Fermi

OSTI : U.S. Dept. of Energy  Includes details on the first self-sustaining nuclear chain reaction and additional information.

FNAL : U.S. Dept. of Energy  General information on Fermi's discoveries, Nobel Prize and nuclear fission.

Atomic archive : Enrico Fermi  General information including sections on Atomic Bomb and Manhatten Project

Howard Florey

ABC : Howard Florey  Story of the discovery of penicillin and Florey's life.

Aust. Gov't : Howard Florey  Discovery of penicillin and how it works. Includes references and additional links.

Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin House  Information on his early life and discoveries and additional information section.

BBC : House  Brief overview of Franklin's  life and work.

Edward Jenner

BBC : History  Brief overview.

History Learning Site  Information on discovery of smallpox vaccine.

History of vaccines  Biographical information including discovery of smallpox vaccine.

Gregor Mendel

Access excellence : Gregor Mendel  Brief overview, includes additional links.

BIO : True Story  General information including movie clips.

Dmitri Mendeleev

RSC : Dmitre Mendeleev  Information on the Periodic Table. N.Z.  General information including Periodic Table and other discoveries.

Isaac Newton

Ducksters.  Biography and references to his discoveries and work.

Bio. True Story  Quick facts and movie clip.

Science Kids  Facts, quotes and brief information.

BBC : History  Brief overview.

Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences  Information supplied by Microsoft Encarta.

Alfred Nobel

BBC : History  Brief overview

Louis Pasteur

Accesexcellence  Brief overview.

BBC : History  Brief overview.

Linus Pauling

Oregon State University : Linus Pauling Institute  Biographical details, including his discoveries.

Ernest Rutherford

Rutherfordorg  Brief overview.

BBC : History  Brief overview.

Chemical Heritage Foundation  Brief overview

Carl Sagan

BBC : History  Brief overview.

Alessandro Volta

The History of Computing Project  Biographical information including discoveries.

University of Adelaide  Brief overview, has links to other scientists.

Volta Battery

BBC : History  Brief overview of the invention of the electric battery.

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